Zafree Papers’ is a company based in Ethiopia that manufactures a 100% tree-free paper pulp using agro waste. It was founded in 2017 by young women Social Entrepreneurs who are passionate about protecting the world from deforestation and the environmental negative effects that comes with it and also help potential customers overcome the key challenges they face.

Zafree papers is a unique company that is introducing a clean-tech paper solution by making a 100% tree-free unbleached paper pulp from crop residue saved from being set alight. It’s eco-friendly, carbon neutral, 100% recyclable and non-toxic because of our non-bleaching factor. Our unbleached virgin paper pulp can be used to make any type of paper and paper products.

For locally based paper manufacturers, challenges such as foreign currency shortage, shortage of finance, high transport and logistics cost for transporting raw material from outside the country which leads to high price set and low-quality product makes a very big impact in their performance by wasting their time, money, energy and other recourses.

We intend to pursue a pan African business model spurring from our first mover advantage in the Ethiopian market. Our cost advantage will also enable us to maintain very competitive prices in addition to the strong relationship we are maintaining with suppliers and buyers. We are currently working in Ethiopia and Zambia.

Zafree Papers’ aims to change the face of the paper industry by making tree-free paper innovation, green lifestyle and enviro-protection a culture!”

To become an internationally competitive manufacturer of high quality eco-friendly pulp & paper that are 100% free of trees for domestic and export markets supporting small farmers boost their income.
We use agriculture waste raw materials such as straw and employ modern technology, qualified human resources, efficient management systems, and accredited production processes to produce high quality pulp & paper. Big Idea: Make Paper using crop waste and not trees
Our Goal
In, 2023 our companies’ goal is to save 2,000,000 trees from being cut!