As governments across Africa gathered for the UN-led Africa Climate Week in Ghana, simultaneously, 40 young African thought leaders, actors, and change makers from 11 countries across the African continent came together in South Africa with counterparts and experts from the UK to discuss how individuals, societies, and governments can become more resilient in their responses to climate change. 

 A three day intensive climate change dialogue organized by Wilton park ,an executive agency, the UK foreign and commonwealth office in partnership with African climate reality project took place from March 18 to 20 in Magalisek, South Africa.

The dialogue themed “Alternative Africa Climate Week; 40 under 40 To Build Resilience”.   This dialogue gathered young African environmental activist, policy researchers and advocate of technical and financial experts and curators, innovators from all countries across the African continent. Being one of the change makers Zafree Papers was selected as one of the representatives of Ethiopia in this climate global dialogue.

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