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Made from 100% recycled banana pseudostems, this pulp is not only sustainable but also offers top-notch quality and performance for your paper manufacturing needs.

Virgin Kraft Pulp

Made from the high-quality virgin Kraft pulp obtained from banana pseudostems, it sets a new standard for sustainability and performance. Perfect for packaging, crafting, and other applications.

Kraft Paper

Made from our environmentally friendly Kraft paper, these boxes offer strength and durability while minimizing your carbon footprint. Ideal for packaging a wide variety of products.

Corrugated Boxes

Give your plants the nutrients they deserve with our Organic Vermi Fertilizer. Produced from the waste of fiber extraction and processed through vermicomposting, this fertilizer is rich in nutrients and beneficial microorganisms. Perfect for organic farming and gardening.

Organic Vermi Fertilizer

Boost the growth and health of your plants with our Vermi Tea. Made from the leachate collected during vermicomposting, this liquid fertilizer is packed with nutrients, enzymes, and beneficial microorganisms. Ideal for all types of plants and gardens.

Vermi Tea

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