Danish Minister for Development Cooperation, Rasmus Prehn, on his very first official visit to Ethiopia!

The Minister held a number of consultations with his Ethiopian counterparts, including Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed, the Minister for Peace, H.E. Muferiat Kamil and the Minister for Water, Irrigation and Energy, Dr. Seleshi Bekele. With Abiy, Minister Prehn planted trees at the Palace in Addis Ababa.

The Minister discussed issues related to youth both in Ethiopia and across the continent. He met some of the bright young professional leaders including Zafree ‘s papers to discuss topics such as Human Rights, ICT and climate smart entrepreneurship.

These entrepreneurs shared their inspiring stories, the challenges they met and the future they hold In their respective fields. These entrepreneurs are our very own Zafree papers’ CEO Bethelhem dejene, Bethlehem Dessie from iCOG Labs ,MS.Samrawit Fikru founder and CEO of RIDE and other influential leaders. They laid the first impression on the minister.
It has been an honor and privilege to be the very first destination for Danish development cooperation. All of us extend our gratitude for the educational and inspirational experience we have shared.

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